Public Relations, PRWhen you contact an editor, reporter or talk show host, you have only a few seconds to create a favorable impression. Before you send that email or make that call, practice your short, to-the-point message.

  • Pitch stories based on one of 4 angles:

             Audience interest angle: newsworthiness of product, service or community organization                        

             Community impact angle: Positive contributions made possible by  product, service or key players.

            Local angle: Tie-in to world, national, regional or local trends and  stories.

            Expertise angle: Credentials and reputation of key players.

  • Offer by-lined articles, access to background information.
  •  Prepare for interviews, talk shows and guest appearances by anticipating questions and developing brief talking points to address them.
  •  Speak in brief sound bites – they are less likely to be cut or edited.
  • Be available when the media contacts you. They often are on a tight deadline. If you don’t take or return calls promptly, they will move on to another source.

Robin Peel opened Robin Peel Marketing & Public Relations in 2002 to assist professional practices, small businesses and professional organizations achieve success in promoting and publicizing their businesses. Over 30 years of experience in advertising, public relations, business development and community service has prepared me to help businesses use free publicity, savvy promotion and public relations activities designed to generate publicity and revenue.